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Bombay Sapphire 5/10

Complex and aromatic, broad and balanced finish.


Cambridge Distillery Anty Gin 22/44

Made from the essence of 62 wood ants along with juniper, wood avens, nettle and alexander seeds. Served neat over ice or with nettle cordial and soda


Chapel Down Pinot Noir 5.5/11

Distilled from pinot noir grape skins, with hints of red berries and rose buds


Cotswold Dry Gin 5.5/11

Refined with lavender and water from the Cotswolds.


Eden Mill Hop 5.5/11

Citrusy and zesty made distilled from Juniper and Australian Galaxy hops, from the Eden Mill distillery in St Andrews


Gin Lane 1751 Victoria Lane Pink 5/10

An infusion of naturally blended spiced bitters

Gin Mare 6/12

An outstanding gin distilled in an ancient Mediterranean Chapel from Arbequina olives

Gold 999.9 6/12

Part distilled in golden stills! Hints of almond and vanilla

Greensand Ridge London Dry 6/12

Made from eight botanicals grown within a mile of the distillery in Kent. An exceptional premium gin.

Greensand Ridge Rye Cask 6/12

As with the London Dry, but aged in rye casks. Smooth and complex

G’Vine Floraison 5/10

Sophisticated and vibrantly floral, flavoured with the exclusive vine flower

Hendrick’s 5/10

Extraordinarily smooth with infusions of rose petal and cucumber


Opihr Oriental Spiced 5/10

Made by England’s oldest producer of quality gins - G&J Distillers - with exotic botanicals from the Orient

Monkey 47 6/12

47 botanicals from The Black Forest and Asia combine in this amazing gin

Sipsmith 5/10

Crafted by hand in small batches from the finest English barley

Tanqerray Dry Gin 5/10

Frank Sinatra’s favourite.                         


Tanquerray Flor de Sevilla 5/10

Made with the delicious bittersweet taste of Seville oranges

Tanquerray Royale 5/10

Classic Tanquerray botanicals enhanced with blackcurrants, vanilla and black orchid


The Teasmith 5.5/11

Full of character. A classic, pure dry gin


Whitley Neill 5/10

Hand crafted in small batches balancing African botanicals and unusual aromatics.


Whitley Neill Raspberry 5/10

Scottish raspberries with undertones of liquorice and coriander

Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger 5/10

Tart crispness inspired by the English country garden

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