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Espresso Martini 12


Sauternes 2016 - 5/35

Bordeaux. Aromas of citrus and honey, Delicate balance of sweetness and freshness on the palate




                                                Martell VS - 6                                       

Cognac, France. Double distilled for clarity, supremely smooth with fruity aromas


Osborne – Carlos I Imperial Gran Reserva XO – 10

Jerez, Spain. Aromas of oak, walnut, fig & hazelnut. Luxurious finish with a sophisticated aftertaste


Remy Martin XO – 15

Cognac, France. An exquisite 85% Champagne eau-de-vie aged over 37 years. Wonderfully smooth and rich





   Jameson Crested - 7

Full bodied with vivid sherry tones and hints of spice, melon & ginger. Perfectly balanced


Bruichladdich, The Classic Laddie - 7

Incredibly refreshing and refined on the palate with notes of oak and barley and an unforgettable aftertaste. Made exclusively from Scottish barley from the shores of Lochindaal


Arran 10 year old – 7

Classic Arran sweet notes with a well rounded finish against a background of aged oak.


 Haig Club - 7

A fresh, clean single grain whiskey showcasing butterscotch & toffee and an ultra-smooth finish




                                      Taylor’s 2015 LBV - 6/45                       

A rich ruby port exuding berries and blackcurrants, spice and cedar. The perfect finish to any meal


Graham’s 10 year old 7/55

A tawny port made from fine wines with rich fruit flavours & nutty aromas and hints of honey and figs

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